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The Camping Aramis Fishing Lake in Gers

Make it you sinners

From April enjoy our fishing lake Recreation.

Promenade and relaxation await you to share good times with family and friends. Come then tell us your best taken with a drink at restaurant and bar camping.

The lake was refurbished in 2015 and opened as guaranteed our holiday! Tranquility assured!

Direct access in the lower handy for camping from early fish our fish with a convenient gateway to access the center of the lake.

A campsite with access to fishing lake

Fish Fishing Lake


Roach is a low current and stagnant waters. It is a fish with the rather variable appearance depending on its location. He lives with individuals of the same size as him. Its size varies from 15 to 35 cm and 150 g to 1 kg for the largest.

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The tench is a stagnant waters fish and who prefers muddy and grassy funds. It is able to overwinter when water temperature falls below 10 degrees. Estimated at between 15 and 50 cm weight varies between 50 g and 1 kg.


Adults are usually 30 to 50 cm for a weight of 0.5 to 2,5 kg, Large individuals sometimes reach 75 cm while records revolve around 90 cm For about 9 kg. Its color is bronze-green, with gray sides and a white belly.


Present in most rivers in France, the stud is the benthic fish par excellence. He lives on the bottom as soon as stones and sand offer him "the food and shelter."