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Network camping sites and landscape for nature lovers

The campsite the way you like it of course in Sites and Landscapes!

Our campsite in Dordogne is member of Sites and Landscapes network, which aims to highlight the campsites of various categories of comfort, but still live with nature, in the broadest sense. The goal is to offer holidaymakers a meeting with the most beautiful regions of France, their land, their authenticity, for the whole family. There are more than 50 institutions are members. You appreciate to enjoy a place on a human scale, and turned to a real need for exchange between tourists and the team, but also among tourists and kind.

A campsite in the heart of nature

You can find many camping sites and landscapes stamped all over France, and in all regions, which is ideal for enjoying this concept regardless of the place where you want to go. This is the advantage of this quality label, it extends to the whole of our territory, and allows you to go from one discovery.

The advantages for the holiday

Why choose a camping sites and landscapes?
You will have first a real sense of disorientation during your vacation. Your stay will be a perfect opportunity to find true rest and rediscover the pleasure of connecting with nature.
You will also be possible to enjoy a loyalty card "CampingTour" allowing you to earn 5 free nights in camping sites and landscapes or Campingred of your choice.
This is an added advantage and a reason to opt for the Sites and Landscapes network for your upcoming vacation, you might want to campaign, mountain or sea.


- Very kind campsites that favor authentic exchanges

- Owners - ambassadors of their region and involved in local life.

Customized proposals discover local treasures

- Animations carried by passionate owners in connection with the specificity of place.